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Monday, 03 August 2015



Given that it's in Hillcrest and not say, Barrio Logan, I think Lalo's is decent taco shop food. I prefer El Cuervo by a small margin. My current fav is Tacos Perla in North Park. Not cheap but excellent quality, esp the house made tortillas.

Thanks for the review. haven't been to Lalos in ages.


No question, Kikaida....Jiro was a boss on his motorcycle, cool clothes and guitar strapped behind his back who transforms into Kikaida. Who wants to be a bug (kamen rider) or dirt man (rainbow man...although the fire man was pretty cool)...uh, did i just geek out and show my age?!? ;)

Masa Assassin

Haha a brawl over whos pastor is better!!! I love it Kirk.


Hi Ken - I've yet to try of therse days. I think Lalo's price point is kind of on the high side for what you get. El, I literally haven't eaten there in 10 years! I gotta get back there....

LOL Jack - You're showing your age there..... unfortunately, I'm showing mine as well!

Hey MA - How are you? It's great to hear from you and I hope all is well. It was interesting to say the least.....WWE Al Pastor style....


Kikaida of course!


Close second Hakaida.


Ahh JV's. Been going there since middle school when it was still Rafa's. I dig their surf n turf and roast pork burritos. I had the al pastor once but didn't wow me either.

Never was a fan of kamen rider. Kikaida all the way!


Martyr. :)


:( to junk al pastor...


Lol Kyle - Seems like everyone's on the Kikaida bandwagon!

Another vote for Kikaida Junichi! We used to go to JV's when we first moved to SD and lived on Friar's Rd.

The, ummm, conversation made me curious Jan.

Yeah Kat. Nothing to write home about.

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