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Thursday, 13 August 2015


Black Belt Jonez

Thanks for posting Cathy. Are the new owners Japanese?


I really miss SoCal for the mom and pop shops that get it right and the weather versus the crap attempt here in SATX


You're welcome, BBJ. Yes, the one guy who is always working is Japanese...he's so young!
We are fortunate to have so many established neighborhoods and therefore businesses out here, Bill. I hope the song sense of community gets passed on to future generations.


Very nice! I just had grilled saba at our local Japanese eatery (well, local to west CV)'s nice to go to these family run places. The servers get to know you and what you like in some cases.


The original owner lady really did remember us, cc...she seemed happy when we'd use chopsticks and ask for hot tea...I'm sad to see that she and her husband retired, but am happy they did leave on their own terms and turned over the business to someone who kept the primary "heart" of the menu.

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