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Saturday, 08 August 2015



Hope these new places don't disappoint!


Thanks for the follow-up! It will be interesting to see what Pokirrito turns out to be. Lots of changes at the strip mall with the parking lot from hell!


We'll see Kat!

My pleasure Sandy..... Funny. it's the parking that always comes to mind first with this strip mall!


Whoa, those are some surprises. I knew that Yu's Garden wasn't doing so well but didn't expect it to shutter so quickly. Wonder what Pokirrito will be like...


Poke in a burrito?


Hi Kirk, thanks for the updates as always. Jinya has been that way for some time now. I wonder what the hold back is.
I've been looking a little into the background of Nishiki but seems to be a popular shop in the Akita prefecture. They participated in the Tokyo ramen show a few years but some media misunderstood it as they won it. Still I'm sure it should be a great addition to SD. Hope they can manage the consistency issue as most SD shops seem to always be cursed with.
I think the owner of RR makes names up randomly that he thinks is catchy. I once asked him what RakiRaki meant and with a brief awkward pause he said it means 'happiness', which totally isn't true, haha.


Hi Jinxi - The closing of Yu's caught me by surprise as well.

Let's hope not Kyle....though the though of Pokeman Burritos sounds even more scary!

LOL Dennis - He must have some kind of Random Name Generator app!


I'm really curious about what Pokirrito will be. lol. I'm guessing they may be jumping on the burrito fusion craze like the sushiritto and phoritto


That's what I think too Kirbie. Though stuff like that really isn't sustainable.


Nishiki was supposed to open mid-July but I heard they're having some permit issues. Probably will be late August or even September opening. Probably better weather-wise for ramen. The Yamadaya downtown location's been in limbo for a while too. Hope Nishiki doesn't end up like them.

Pokirrito? Has to be poke-burrito fusion like others have mentioned.


Hi Junichi - That Yamadaya location has been in suspended animation for a while! Though fall...once we get past that usual one week from hell will be better for ramen. For some reason; I'm just not able to get excited at the possibility of a poke-rito...or whatever.....


By the way, speaking of closures, I just heard that Yes Pingo is shuttered now, too.


One of my friends posted on her IG a huge burrito-like thing that was filled with California roll ingredients. Looked like overkill to me.


That's not very appetizing to me either CC!


I was sad to read about Yu's closing but thanks for the update. They didn't make the best food but I'll miss the pretty presentation of their ready to order appetizers. Do you think it's an odd trend two Taiwanese style restaurants (Yu's and Pingo) have closed recently?


Hi Faye - I think it's a bit of an odd coincidence.

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