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Saturday, 22 August 2015



what a great round up!


Nice write up. No, I don't think Stone is becoming complacent. I just had their Imperial Russian Stout and it was fabulous. Excellent food also at Liberty Station location. Seems like all of the more established breweries are doing odd-ball beers in one-off quantities. Must be something they do to keep the head brewers entertained (e.g, Manzanita's IPA with habaneros, the various dessert style stouts).


Thanks Kat!

I have to disagree with you a bit Ken....I find the food served at Stone very corporate and haven't really had anything of theirs that I enjoy since Matt's Burning Rosids.


Made me thirsty looking at those pint glasses.


Kinda makes me thirsty too now that you mention it Kyle!


Ha, we have a large spider just outside the kitchen window that keeps us entertained.

I was thinking about finally getting a garden together (just in time for El Nono of course). Have you dealt with any rabbit issues?


Hey Jan - Fortunately, we don't have any rabbit or gopher issues (yet) in our neck of the woods.


I've always wanted to try the Harbison. Looks delish. Where did you get it?


okay so once in a while there are things i read on your blog that make it seem like you and/or the missus are on the same wavelength as hubby and/or i... like when both you and hubby were both trying a lot of recipes out of the ottolenghi cookbooks. or the way you describe the o'brien's parking lot. and lots of other things. anyway, today it is the harbison pic and also the orb weaver observations. i LOVE harbison and up until last month could only find it in NH/VT where hubby and i have had to travel between a lot in the last two years. i was SO surprised to see it at a whole foods here last month. and had to buy it right away because i won't go to NH/VT quite as often this year and harbison is one of the first things i get at the store there when i go. so yummy, huh? i don't usually use umami to describe cheese flavors but i think harbison is one where the word applies! oh and yes orb weaver spiders... fascinating how they build a new intricate web daily! i would totally rather watch that than watch a trapeze artist at a circus (well and plus circuses have clowns and sometimes mistreated animals and other things i don't find so pleasant either). orb weavers are amazing and their webs are so beautiful.


Hi Denver - We got it from Whole Foods...we're going through our second wheel! I've also seen it a Venissimo. Enjoy!

Hi Dancing - The Harbison
s flavor is so complex...mustardy and nutty at first, with an almost popcorn-sweet-earthy flavor. I just love watching the spiders build their webs.....

Lynn @ Oh-So Yummy

those peppers are so vibrant! i wish i were growing some though i cant actually handle spicy foods! we landscaped with drought tolerance plants and honestly i have hardly watered them. one did die though but it wasn't established. need to revisit my yard soon though.


Hi Lynn - You know, I've procrastinating replacing our front lawn...I guess I'm too busy eating? ;o) I just finished making a batch of ghost pepper hot sauce...which always has me thinking that I really can't handle much spicy foods either! cough-cough....

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