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Thursday, 06 August 2015



Although I miss Pubcakes, I can't wait to try this place out. That brisket is calling my name...

Soo H

MMm... Bbq... Must visit soon...


I never even posted on Pubcakes, was another of so many cupcake places; I'm glad they are still in business using a different strategy. The meats and sides at Ranchwood are of high quality and the service and eating area are unpretentious...the way I like it.

If you're in the area, Soo, do stop in here. I think you'll like it.


If that's BBQ where the heck are the smoke ring?


We ordered some pretty shredded/able softer cuts of meats, Bill. The smoked flavors were definitely there, but not as heavy in the pork compared to the beef brisket. Next time it'll be the sliced tri-tip, so you can see the ring.


That looks great Cathy. And I like your beef/pork combo strategy... :)


Just now saw your comment, Dennis...Ranchwood is a great little place and I'm so glad we noticed it. The price (and size) of the combo was just perfect for us.

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