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Sunday, 30 August 2015



what a great way to commemorate this! congrats:)


3k! I wonder if there's an easy way to datamine the number of words you've written during those 3k posts.


What an amazing milestone! Happy 3000th post!


Congrats, you so old now ;-)


Thanks Kat!

I wouldn't want to even guess Jason. My fingers would be afraid to know!

Thanks Kirbie!

Tell me about it Billy! ;o)


That's awesome Kirk, congratulations to you along with Ed and Cathy!


Thanks Jack!

Lynn @ Oh-SoYummy

wow 3000th post AND your blog is over 10 years old now! thanks for keeping us informed of the SD food scene all these years!

Soo H

Congrats on post 3000! That is alot of great reviews over the years!


TL;DR "The Missus has been kind of down on CM over the last couple of years so She decided to work instead."


Thanks Lynn!

That's a lot of food Soo!!! ;o)

That's your perogative Hao.....


10 years...3000 posts...awe inspiring. Congrats to you, Cathy, and Ed.

We went to China Max some months ago and found it to be a bit 'meh'. The spot prawns you were speaking of (or wished to order) - are those the jumbo ones? I recently visited Catalina Offshore and saw some beautiful large (spot?) prawns !


Congratulations on 3000 posts! I first stumbled on your blog while googling for reviews on Rickshaw Corner. If not for your blog I would have never known about (The Original) Sab-E-Lee, and after I took my coworker there he's eaten at one of the various Sab-E-Lee's at least once a week ever since!

Green After the Rain

Congrats on 3000 posts! That's a lot of food over the years.

I've always gone to China Max mainly for dim sum mainly because I don't have to wait for dim sum push carts to come to me.

the office goat

Congrats and keep up the good work!

Might have to try the duck there -- never been to CM, but the last place we got duck from (Sam Woo) was disappointing and this at least sounds better.

We just got back from ~2 weeks on Maui on a saimin & poke-fest. Boy was it HOT and humid there.


Nice way to commemorate 3K posts by re-visiting the restaurant of post 1! It's been ages since I've been to China Max (usually for dim sum), and it would be interesting to see how it fares for dim sum now.


Congrats on your blog's longevity, 10 years is a long time and 3,000 posts is a heck of a lot of places! A big thanks to you, Cathy and Ed who continue to find great places to eat, near and far.

hannah j

Congratulations Kirk and thanks for inspiring your readers to try something new. MMM Yoso helped me find great food for so long now!


Hi Faye - The one dish that I get when I visit are the panfried noodles. The rest....well let's just say CM has seen better days. It also might be your preference with this type of cuisine as well. I've bought spot prawns from Catalina before...they are really good. Don't mess around with them if you get them.

Thanks MrZ. Hope all is well in the PNW!

Hi Sarah - From what I heard; Emerald is, or will soon be doing straight up menu dim sum. We sure have eaten a lot over the years.....

Hey TOG - Just be happy you wren't here last; if thought Maui was bad... As for the duck at CM, it's quite pricey and not as good as it used to be.

Hi Sandy - Thanks for being such a great long time reader and commenter....

Hi CC - Yeah, that's quite a large amount of posts. Thanks as always for your readership and support!

Hi Hannah - I'm glad you were able to find some good places to eat form our posts.


LOL - I actually read the post, but the sentence about the Missus basically mirrors my feelings about China Max. :)

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