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Saturday, 29 August 2015


Alan in Clairemont

Congrats Kirk! Keep up the great work!


Congrats on 3k! This blog has been a regular rotation of pages I visit for many years now, and I've enjoyed it the entire time,


Congrats! This blog has also been on my rotation since 2007. How time flies. Found some great food and wisdom on this site


happy bloggaversary & 3000 posts! enjoy your posts, keep up the good work:)

Hangzhou Hero

Congrats Kirk! Thank you so much for doing what you do, it's been a pleasure reading you all these years. All your posts are high quality and I love hearing what you think about food. If I swing by San Diego sometime I'd love to share a bite with you!


Da Boyz!!!!! and as pups... so cute an glad they are still well. I always like when you mention them and show their pics. Congrats on the blogiversary of mmm-yoso! I always check your blog first before trying a new place in the Kearny Mesa area, to see if you (or Cathy or Ed) have already tried it (usually you have). And also just to see different parts of the world on your travels. One of my favorite blogs. Wishing you many more years of happy eating and traveling and blogging!


Thanks so much for giving us a window on the SD food scene and your life. It's been a fun ride and hopefully will continue for at least another 3000 posts!


thanks for all your work. the posts are funny, inspiring, interesting, challenging, and sometimes a bit wierd (I mean spam, really?) and something I look forward to reading every damn time. Pat yourself on the back, amigo.


Thanks Alan!

Hi Jason - Thanks for all your visits and comments!

Over 8 years Denver? Thanks so much!

I'll try Kat!

That would be great HH! Anytime!

Thanks so much Dancing!

I hope so Docrailgun! Thanks for commenting!

Mmmmm Spam! Really Ken, really!Thanks so much for all your visits and comments!


You should put an asterisk next to each reastuarant that S&F have enjoyed. :)


I should Jan! But they were there mostly for the ride!

Ed (from Yuma)

Congrats and thanks for the kind words. It is nice to be included and the blog has made me a wiser person in all kinds of ways - for example, I never would have bought a digital camera etc.


And maybe that smart phone, right Ed???? Though I think Tina might be responsible for that one! It's been an honor and a pleasure!

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