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Tuesday, 25 August 2015



eep! this looks and sounds bad...


My excitement at a poke place in San Diego decreased as I read your post :-(


Pokinometry is spelling Poke as Poki and trying to apply the Hawaiian definition for Poke to his spelling Poki.

The Hawaiian definition for Poki is “dog” so if you go to Pokinometry for a bowl of poke they are serving you dog.


If the first, second, third, fourth, or fifth restaurant doesn't work, try try again! But yeah, it's doesn't look like there's much value in those meals, it's all filler.


Hi Kat - It's not a good value....that's for sure.

Hey Sandy - Not quite Ono Seafood, huh?

Hi Ken - I always thought that dog was ilio in Hawaiian?

Lol Jason. This guy loves opening restaurants!


I wonder why these proprietors don't try their own food. Can't they tell if it is "dry" or "tasteless"? Needs more "salt"? WTH! Have they no tastebuds?


Hi Alan - I don't think the owner has ever had "real" poke..... they used to serve a version at Moby Dick that used bettr qulaity fish, but basically had the same issues.


Just by the look of your picture I'd just stick with pokinometry very filling for a medium bowl.

Green After the Rain

Aww. That's not worth the trip for me then, I was so excited to read about a new poke place. For now, I guess I'll have to settle for poke from Homestyle Hawaiian in Clairemont.

I though I had too much poke when I was in Hawaii last year, but now I'm constantly looking for more not finding anything that even comes close.


It's probably better to stick to almost anyplace else Billy!

Hi Sarah - I think you found out that there's no such thing as too much poke! ;o) Might as well get as much as you can when you're in Hawaii!


Aloha Kirk,
Copied from Hawaiian Dictionary; Hawaiian-English; English-Hawaiian Revised and Enlarged Edition by Mary Kawena Pukui and Samuel H. Elbert published by University of Hawaii Press; 1986; ISBN-13:978-0-8248-0703-0.
Page 338 definition of poki:
poki. 1. vs. Fine, as stitches or mesh; small, dainty, close
together. 2. (Cap.} n. General name for supernatural
dog after the time of Ka-mehameha I, said to have been
taken from the name of Ka-mehameha's favorite dog,
Boss (Eng.), which was deified and worshipped; name
of a supernatural dog on Kaua'i, said to have owned
land at Lawa'i and Wahi-awa (Beckwith, 1970, p. 573).
According to some, any supernatural animal. 3. See
hale poki. 4. Also bosi. boss. Eng. 5. n. Boat. Eng. /pu
poki, oval dish. Huelopoki, whaleboat.


So you mean a "diety in the form of a dog or any animal"......eating that might be good! Not "a mutt".... I took a couple of years of Hawaiian in school.....not that I remember much, but I do know basic animals. I think popoki actually means cat.....


yup ilio is dog in Hawaiian


Yeah, that's what I recall too Kat.



A dog is a dog even if Poki is the name of King Kamehameha I most favorite dog to me or if it is super natural or a deity in the form of a dog. If you go on Pokinometry website they are using the Hawaiian definition for poke and trying to apply it to poki which is totally wrong.


So Ken - You're going to have a nervous breakdown when Pokirrito opens up...



oh how i long for a taniokas, ono seafood, alicia's, etc here in san diego.


Oh man, Tanioka's......Ono Seafood...anything close would be really welcomed Jack!


I like the furikake on top of the brown rice. I like salmon over ahi so salmon poke works for me when I can find it. Have you tried the poke at Marukai? Recently bought the salmon and also tried the tuna poke. Both weren't very good.


As a whole, I don't buy prepackaged poke Faye. Even back home in Hawaii. I'll buy it at the deli counter, but not pre-packaged stuff. And I'd never have poke from a aplce where I wouldn't buy fish.

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