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Thursday, 27 August 2015



Lucky pho. Where else?


poke:) lots of it!


I just had Iron Pig for the 1st time last night! The brisket was not impressive... I enjoyed the spare ribs and wings, though. They had a smoked fried chicken which sounded interesting but ran out by the time we got there.


Lucky you Michael! Pun intended......

I'm jealous Kat!

Hi Jinxi - I think this salad is the best use of the brisket. We love the wings.....when they turn out perfect. About half the time, they turn out too salty, but when prepped well....they are delish!

Soo H

I love the ribs and the french fries there!


Not a fan of the ribs here Soo. The fries are pretty good.

Hangzhou Hero

French fries in a salad? Madness. Madness I say!


Dude! You totally need to do a Man Salad comparison, like you've done with some of the other foodie things such as Bahn Mi.


A brilliant madness HH!

That's a great idea Ken! I'm taking nominees!

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