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Sunday, 09 August 2015



That Katsu-don is hilarious! :)


That special combination is a pretty good deal and would be a nice option to try out this place. I recently revisited Katsu Cafe (you used to visit them often?) and thought their pork katsu had improved. Did you see any sushi options here (aside from their seafood salad)?


Very funny Lynnea!

Hi Faye - Yes, they have all those kinds of "rolls" on the menu. You should check thme out.....really nice folks.


Ramen looks to be about the same level as Ototo. That katsu-don is awesome. Some parts of Japan have the egg-less sauce katsu-don but this takes it to a whole new level!


Literally "Katsu - don" Junichi! Awesome wasn't exactly what came to mind when it first arrived.....but after was pretty funny.


:( katsu-don


Hi Kat - Yeah, I know....

Green After the Rain

Service really can make or break a meal and just for that I'm willing to give this place a try. :-)


Hi Sarah - First off, welcome and thanks for taking the time out to comment. Really nice folks here....check them out and I hope to read about it on your blog.

Jim Gottlieb

Well, a literal katsu-don wouldn't have had any rice :-).

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