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Tuesday, 18 August 2015



I like that they know what you want (banh xeo!) but no purple perilla on the veg/herb plate. The fish with it ha ca thang long? I love the presentation of the dish and its accompaniments.

we haven't been here in awhile. the last time we went, the waiter referred to TC as a baby (even though she was actually 7).


The paper menu is half English, half Vietnamese and yes, that is Ca Thang Long. The leaves on the plate are purple underneath, cc (look at the top right of that photo just above the ca thang long) and seen them labeled as 'sesame leaves' in the Produce section. The food here is a bit more varied than at other Viet places, which are more 'pho' oriented. {'Baby' is an endearing term...some older people call me 'mama' when The Mister and I are out...}


Ah, missed the purple perilla. I like those. Was thinking of buying a plant at the Mission Hills nursery but the plant kind of looked too straggly. I remember the service at Bolsa being really nice and friendly here.

Oops, meant 'cha ca thang long'.was typing too fast. I like seeing the huge rice cracker discs at the Vietnamese markets. Then they get broken up when you eat them with certain dishes.


I think Bolsa makes the best chicken pho ever (with the ginger fish sauce). The lemon beef salad looks so light and amazing. I haven't tried the salads here.


I think it all depends on your microclimate, cc. Your neighborhood may be able to handle perilla. Still it's not expensive at Vietnamese/Asian markets. I know about typing too fast, too...
I started trying the salads and 'other than pho or bun' after I was introduced (by Kirk) to the great menu variety at Que Houng, Faye. My favorites are at Pho Pasteur Anh know the same parking lot where K Sandwiches used to be :(

Ed (from Yuma)

As usual a good post. Those dishes look great. Kirk has expanded my range of Vietnamese dishes and choices also, but I would be content with a banh mi or a bowl of decent pho about now.


Kirk has really helped educate us on the subtleties of what to order and how to eat it while understanding the flavors we are tasting, hasn't he, Ed? I understand your frustration...not so much the pho in this heat, but I was pretty addicted to K sandwiches, dropping in at least twice a month and now can't.

Lynn @ Oh-SoYummy

I'll only been here once but I'm not a fan of their banh xeo, a little *too* crispy for me. dennis warned me since he had been here before but i ordered it anyway. is that how it is when you have it?

we had two other items but i no longer remember what they tasted like. i think i have notes written somewhere.


I see what you mean, Lynn. I kind of prefer 'burned/crispy' crusts ( I eat bread crusts and end pieces, burned potato chips and baked potato skins, not the insides) . Some the the banh xeo I've had is not quite 'baked' enough and sort of still raw batter, making the small mung bean mushy texture not my favorite. The crispy pancake from Bolsa wrapped in lettuce with just a bit of the filling and dipped in the fish sauce is my favorite part.

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