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Saturday, 15 August 2015



wow! you're the 2nd blog friend to visit this abbey this year! must be a good beer:)


Great write up! Plus, now I have the name for my next rock band: The Slutty Nuns.....

Wandering Chopsticks

How much was the Westvleteren straight from the abbey? I saw a bottle at a gift shop near Grand Place that was going for 15 euros! I thought about buying it anyway, but alas, I hadn't even had breakfast at the point.


Quite a nice bike beer tour you had going, are you sure the falling off the bike wasn't due to the suds?


It's very good Kat!

Now that would be a great band name Ken!

Hi WC - At the café the Blonde was 3.7, the 8 - 4.3, and the 12 - 4.9 very inexpensive compared to the bottle of 12 I bought in Antwerp which was 10 Euros.

One could make that assumption Jason, except all but one of the times I fell was on the way to Saint Sixtus.....hey, maybe the brews actually had the opposite effect???

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