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Sunday, 12 July 2015



Too pretty to eat.


I don't think I've ever heard Waterloo Sunset played in public. I love the Kinks!


That looks like the most perfect date meal ever. The ceiling fixtures reminds me of Vintana in Escondido for some reason. What is that stick coming out of the gelatined martini cube? The lobster looks beautifully sinful.


Faye, you are right. Ed forgot to mention that the man at the table next to us proposed to his girlfriend of 10 years during dinner. Quite romantic. Everyone clapped and cheered.

Ed (from Yuma)

Pretty, billy, but not too pretty to eat.

Honestly Jan, I don't remember it in public either. But it is so listenable and fit the sunset outside. The music was certainly eclectic; it worked but it wasn't what I had expected.

I have forgotten, Faye, what that stick was, and even Tina doesn't remember. I should have taken better notes, but it was a date meal - another celebration of Tina and I getting married a few months ago - so I wasn't just there to blog about it (How Kirk writes up his posts so accurately still impresses me, and I have been reading this blog for over 10 years). Thanks for the comment.


What a wonderful dinner, each dish was so distinctive.

Lynn @ Oh-SoYummy

beautiful date spot. that view is amazing! lots of tasty looking plates coming out that night! i try to take notes while eating but sometimes it's nice to just focus on the meal and the person whose company you are enjoying. i do wish i had a better memory though!

Ed (from Yuma)

thanks CC.

Yes, Lynn, it was an ideal date location. It is easier to focus on the food when one is alone, but that isn't nearly as much fun or as meaningful.

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