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Sunday, 26 July 2015



sounds like a gem:)


The Mister and I have been to Pacific Time three times now, working our way through the menu. The 'normal' slices of bread make for really good sandwiches (and toasts) (and salads). Everything here is high quality; breads are the best I've had in a long time (even the wonderful Pullman, which is so difficult to find at a local bakery)..


I might have to try goat milk cheese again. Didn't taste like there was any milk fat in it.


It is Kat!

Hi Cathy - I did like the breads, they do a nice job. Great sadnwiches. Can't wait to try other items.

Hi Billy - There's a big difference between stuff like chevre and the aged ones. A wide variety as well! Have fun!


No wonder they were never open when I drive by. It's always evenings or weekends when I drop in to Ballast Point or Coronado. Food looks good!


Hi Junichi - I'm hoping they have longer hours soon....maybe some cheese plates with their great bread!


Looking forward to trying this place...Cathy's sent me pix of what she's had plus their menu pages.


Hey CC - I hope they expand their hours soon so you can check them out.

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