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Sunday, 05 July 2015



look forward to seeing your "build your own"


I'm kind of looking forward to that too Kat!


I'm in this area all the time and just happen to see the signage for Dudley's for the first time last week. Good to know that it's there.
Growing up in san diego, one of my favorite things to make/eat was a crunchy grilled cheese sandwich using Dudley's jalapeño cheddar bread so I suggest having whatever sandwich you make, have it pressed.


Sounds great Jack!


Jack's suggestion sounds good. I work in the area and have picked up sandwiches from Dudley's.


Hey Sandy - I think I'll go for that next time.....


Is this the same Dudley's that you pass on the way to Julian? I think that's why this place sounds familiar. It's been years since I've tried their breads. For a Jalapeno cheddar bread build your own, hmm - extra garlic aioli, sprouts, cucumber, bacon sounds great right about now for a lunch sandwich.


Hi Faye - Yes it is....they don't have all the "good stuff" in terms of breads and pies, but do make a nice sandwich.

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