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Thursday, 23 July 2015



I think it's that location. I tried eating there a few months after it opened, and it just did not taste like Tommy's up in L.A. They would not put the seasoning on the fries unless I asked, either (in L.A. it was automatically added). Sorry to hear it doesn't seem to have improved.




Unfortunately the SD location isn't even open late enough for the traditional negative time run.


Hey, at least you've hit bottom and now can move ahead with your food "recovery." After all, fine dining isn't for those who need it, it's for those who want it......

Soo H

Oh no... Thanks for taking one for the team! I'm gonna go to Hodad's for my next burger.


There is nothing that can fix a Tommy's burger other than a trash can. I tried the Caliente also.


Seems like the only reliable Tommy's is the original.


Hi Jessica - I think it's gotten even worse since they opened...sad.

Totally Kat!

Though could apply for heartburn for breakfast because I think they open at like 7am?

No where to go but up Ken!

I'm not even that big a fan of Hodad's Soo.

I dunno Dereck; the locations we've been to in LA have been ok.

Hey Kyle - Something happened when things got past the OC I think!


Been once and never been back. I would've went to Anny's.


My uncles took me to the original when I was 5. I didn't return until they opened the one in San Diego. Not that I remember the original, but I was rather disappointed. By the way, I think they mush up canned tamales in their chili (or just use a lot of corn meal).


Sad to say I never did cross Convoy....though I should have Junichi!

I think they use a lot of flour and masa Jan.


The chili looks...not good. :(

My husband swears by the original Tommy's. He and his friends used to go for Tommy runs in college.


Hi CC - We used to go when we lived in LA as well....this.....was kinda bad.


Nostalgic burger...


Hey Billy - Unfortunately, this was a far cry from what I remember getting in LA.


I'm a chili-burger fanatic, and the only two Tommy's I've been to are the ones in Barstow and the one on CMB. Both were consistent: their chili tastes like hamburger meat, tomato paste and spiced with only chili powder and nothing else, it's beyond bland. On a scale of 1 to 10 for chili, it's about a 2-3 at those two locations. SER and Sysco chili have more flavor.


Hi MikeC - I don't claim to be a chili burger fanatic, but will claim that the versions I've had in LA were much better. This tastes like artificial beef flavor, very little chili powder, and too much masa.

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