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Tuesday, 14 July 2015



I feel like I'm joining in the "circling back" posts with stories of my own. When I first met MrsZ in person in 2005, Chopstix was the first restaurant I took her to, figuring it was different enough from anything she might have had access to in the old country. I always disliked that parking lot during weekday lunchtimes, mostly just went early on Saturday morning. I miss the ridiculous crunchy rolls.


gah these sound're too nice giving them another try...


Yes, The Mister and I just went to Chopstix Too, and after perusing the (new) menu, he defaulted to the Mabo ramen, again. It's a comfort food for him.


Hi MrZ - I think that's the fun of doing these posts.....places have been around so ling, many folks have their stories......

Hi Kat - I think waiting like 10 years is sufficient time to give a palce another try....

LOL Cathy.....we all have our comfort dishes.


Man when I was growing up Chopstix was the only non-sushi Japanese on Convoy. As a kid I used to love reading Japanese manga while waiting for our food to arrive. Utage in Chula Vista was another place our parents took us to. I think Tajima used to be Mr Noodle back in the day. Pretty bad ramen. I miss Osaka kitchen.


Hey Junichi - So Chopstix was there before Ichiro? Half the fun of doing these types of posts are the stories I get form folks.


We stop by Chopstix every now and then for Hiyashi Ramen and Chicken Katsu. We find the dark meat pieces of katsu to be better than the tonkatsu. Tonkatsu is pretty much as you described - tough and dry.

With summer hitting its stride, I'm curious as to whether there are other places that serve Hiyashi ramen other than Chopstix, Santouka, and Yakyudori. The latter at Yakyudori isn't really an option (the worst out of the bunch).


My childhood memory was a little hazy. Doing some research Ichiro was established in 1982. Chopstix 1988. So Ichiro beats Chopstix by 6 years!


Hey LL - I haven't found any decent Hiyashi Chuka in SD. Last time I tried three of them; I thought Yakyudori was better than Santouka and Izakaya sakura(who no longer serves it). Ichiro has Reimen, which is basically Hiyashi Chuka on the menu and Tajima has "cold ramen". Have fun!

Hi Junichi - Wow; both of them have been around quite long.


Hi Kirk, long time. I visited Chopstix about a year ago and had a not so memorable but passable katsudon. I find the mabo here cloyingly sweet but I can see how it could be comfort food for some. I miss the asari clam ramen tajima used to serve, though honestly haven't been back in a while. Hope you and missus are doing well! Cheers.


Great to hear form you Dennis! I had the mabo here a bunch of years ago and it was too sweet for me as well.

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