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Wednesday, 22 July 2015



amazing, just wow!


I was about to comment on how the "itty bitty beef wellingtons" made me smile. But when you mentioned how large the piece of foie was further down, I realized I had no sense of perspective. Those plates could have been huge for all I knew. You should have put your pocket comb on each plate to give your readers a feel for the scale.

Oh no, you wouldn't have been run out on a rail. ;)


It was quite a meal Kat!

I guess you can look at the spoon in the oxtail photo Jan.....I'm not going to bust out something to scale every dish against though....the Missus would kill me!


I didn't even notice that. My eye must have been drawn down to that close up (Mr. DeMille).

Ed (from Yuma)

An impressive meal, very creative. Thanks for sharing!


LOL Jan.....

It was quite a meal Ed!

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