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Thursday, 11 June 2015



I was JUST at Nijiya yesterday but did not see truffles! I've never ever seen one there so thanks for the heads up. The turd comment was too funny. I didn't know you shopped at Bristol Farms meat department - I get their weekly emails but haven't revisited that market in a while.


You're killing me as I eat my mid-morning banana. It would have been bad enough if you posted about a regular loco moco, but you kicked it up by a mile! What kind of rice (if it is rice) did you use?


Wow. Nice looking egg there!


Hi Faye - They had them on Sunday....but maybe they sold them all? I shop at Bristol Farms regularly. I usuallyo rder duck from the meat department and get it when it arrives...never frozen.

LOL Sandy! It's just good quality Jasmine Rice.

Thanks Jan. It was delish!


Anything special about the egg? The yolk color looks richer than I'm normally used to seeing.


Hey Hao - They are the "Golden Yolk" from Nijiya.

J.S. @ Sun Diego Eats

I saw the picture and was hoping some restaurant in SD had majorly stepped up their brunch game....


nice! Have a nice weekend:)


Now that would be great JS......

You too Kat!

Hangzhou Hero

You got me drooling Kirk!


I can't EVEN. That looks awesome!


Hi HH - Well that's the ultimate compliment.....get HH drooling. How many people can claim that, right?

Hey James - It's not hard.....go for it and make one yourself!

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