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Wednesday, 24 June 2015



Thanks for the heads up on Dumpling Hut. Do you think their XLB and dumplings are made in house?


The jiaozi were definitely hand made Faye. Haven't had the XLB yet, because I believe the owners are from Northern China....not XLB land.


Kanpai Izakaya eh? Will be interesting as Yamadaya and Taisho are so close to that location.


Kirk - I'm eager to know what you think of the XLB. I stopped by yesterday to try the XLB along with the Egg/Chive item. Although rather light on seasonings, I did enjoy the texture of the latter. The XLB -- Not horrible, but the skin was too thick for me without the needed elasticity causing some of them to break easily. They took FOREVER (25+ minutes; I was the only table) so I would hope they are made in-house.


Small typo:
You can read a but more about it here.

I think you meant "butt"? :)


It will Junichi........

Hi LL - I might have seen you then! I did have the xlb and will post on that. I did wait 40 minutes for some jiaozi. I think these folks really have no clue on how to run a restaurant.

Thanks for the catch R....I usually do these in just one pass...

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