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Tuesday, 23 June 2015



Makes you wonder how one attains the "preferred restaurant of tour groups" status. Maybe they offered the biggest kickbacks to the tour operators?

Green Turtle

Please review this new dumpling place:


Probably Jason..... both sides have to be making a profit

Hi GT - No worries......I got it covered.




That's funny. I had to scold family members over the noodle timing when we were at Little Sheep recently.

Soo H

Awesome piece of investigative journalism Kirk! Thanks for taking one for the team. There was this one time I was curious as to why a big tour bus kept going to this taco shop in Indio. The food was good and cheap. :-)


Yeah, not so great Kat.

There definitely is a proper sequence with regards to hot pot Jan!

This place is not cheap Soo....but it's a way for the business to survive Soo.


Wow I didn't even know this place was still around! I just remember how empty it looked every time I passed by.


Hah that reminds me of the night before I got married. I took my cousin, parents, and sister to Ariang House for dinner. It was Friday night and the place was completely empty, devoid of customers. When I asked for a table the lady at the front gave me a scared look and shook her head. She then ran back into the kitchen and had words with the manager lady. Manager Lady eventually came out and showed us to a table.

We were really confused about this until 10 minutes later when a tour bus full of Koreans rolled up and filled the place to the brim.

RIP Ariang House


That's what eventually got me to visit Kirbie. Kind of weird, but I just kept wondering.....

You mean Arirang House, right MrZ? The owner made some killer panchan. She's the mom of the folks that own Grandma's and her ex-daughter-in-law owns, or used to own Jeong Won.


Wow. VIP was around forever. Tried it once on a pennysaver coupon and never returned. Didn't even notice it changed. Unfortunately it doesn't look any better. I too miss Ba Ren.


Hi Junichi - I too was a one and done customer of VIP Buffet.....

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