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Tuesday, 30 June 2015



*sigh* Sometimes I really miss Shanghai City...


Hope they can step up the flavor & service


Sometimes I do too Hao; especially the decent NRM they made. I know the former owner opened Chef Zhu, but that NRM, from the noodles to the broth isn't the same.

I hope so too Kat. Really nice people.


Think they can pull it off Kirk? It would be great if they can because it "looks" good.


I hope so Jack. They are really nice folks.


Hmm, I had a similar experience. I like the skins of the jiaozi, but was pretty disappointed with the other things I ordered. And the confusion with service was really frustrating.


Hi Kirbie - It's kind of sad in a way....because those jiaozi are so close....yet it misses the mark.


Hey Kirk,
This post is hilarious. Did they really run out of everything? Man....


No TFD.......just everything we wanted.

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