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Monday, 11 May 2015


TFD and K

OMG Kirk, I'm glad it's was you and not me and Kate. Kate would have gone nuts after 15 wait. Everything looks like starch and more starch!

the office goat

I wonder what would happen if you ordered a bunch of things "To-go?"


ack! definitely would not wait that long...


Yeah that's too long to wait. That's when I throw in the towel and tell them to take it off my bill cuz I'm leaving.


Nothing wrong with starch and more starch TFD.....if you burn it off. And yes, the wait would have driven the both of you crazy!

Hey TOG - You'd get your order....eventually.

It was pretty bad Kat.

A couple of folks did that Jason. Hopefully, this place gets its act together.


I've never seen or tried a Rou Jia Mo. It looks like an arepa. That is an awfully long time to wait for pan fried noodles - do you think the noodles are made in house?


Hi Faye - It says that the noodles are made inhouse...never seen them do it though.


I'm sure if I heard the fart, it would have reminded me of China too - well add current Vancouver Canada to that list...


Or perhaps the SGV too, R?


That's upsetting. How can it take so long for the noodle soup? A few years back, my friend and I actually left a pho restaurant after waiting more than half an hour. There were two other parties there -- and they were all eating their pho soon after we ordered. Haven't been to said establishment. Do you think the service at Xi'an Kitchen will improve?


I Hope they improve Christine....they'd better or those crowds will not be there anymore. As for how can noodle soup take so long? You got me!


Looks like they've gotten their act together a bit more! Service was very pleasant and we got our food within 10 minutes. We didn't know what anything was but it was all delicious! :-)


Good to know Jenne. Hopefully, one day you'll be able to try the real deal.....

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