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Tuesday, 26 May 2015



I really like Tau Hu Ky and usually add it as a side to a rice plate. It always seems expensive to add as a side though so the price here for your bun seems pretty good.

Lynn @ Oh-SoYummy

omg i want this banh xeo then! it's cathy approved! it's been a while since i've eaten in that area. i believe there's a yummy thai place around the corner too.


I am always on the lookout for good banh xeo and the one you had fits the bill. I love it when it's crisp and not soggy. I've not tried that shrimp wrapped in tofu skin either, now I'm curious. Here's to another good VN place to visit.


Tau Hy Ky seems a bit complex to prepare (chopping the cooked shrimp and mixing then putting into the tofu skin and frying it all), so just getting it as a topping on the Bun makes it economical, Faye. I've ordered it from the appetizer section at Pho Ca Do, but the combination of lettuce and noodles makes it a meal here.
Haha- 'Cathy approved', my new slogan, Lynn! There are only a few places where I think the Banh Xeo is great, but I do order it everywhere at least once.
The pancake 'batter' is nicer here, cc. This is a great little restaurant, and you an order anything beginning at 6 a.m.-this was where I first learned of egg/breakfast Banh Mi- from Kirk's post.

Ed (from Yuma)

I haven't been thereabouts in ages.


We kind of like that neighborhood, Ed. Kitty corner is a Northgate Gonzalez market and a block West and up the side street (we just go through the alley behind Van Hoa) is a very cool City run neighborhood 'executive' golf course.

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