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Monday, 04 May 2015



We've already been here and are fascinated by the different menu and new-to-us choices. You are right about the heat level; 3 was enough for us. The pork larb includes liver slices, which was a wonderful surprise.


What!? I should have came here when SEL closed for lunch. All the dishes look very familiar especially the one they added noodles. I add noodle because the salad is so spicy that I needed "help."


I was at Sang Dao the other day eating Lao-style papaya salad and thought I need to come here to try it out the new concept.




I was quite surprised at how good things were Cathy!

You should have TFD.

Check them out Jack!

It was Kat!


their Khao Soi is very good--finally have it here in San Diego!

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