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Sunday, 24 May 2015



You must really not have been to UTC in a while if the ice rink was new to you! It's been there at least 16 years, and I suspect it's more like 30.


The ice rink has been there since at least the early 80's. The food court around the ice rink has changed over the years. So many new (to me) food options in that area now.


Oh gosh, the ice rink windows and seating areas around the stairs going to the rink from the food court area have been redone...I thought the windows had been half open, not to the ceiling all around. The restaurants and their footprints and seating are new...didn't mean the rink was new. Sorry for being unclear. In any case, thanks for reading my confused words; I've tried to make it clear in the post. We probably haven't been to UTC since 2009.


I really like the remodeled UTC mall. I must look into that walking app ! The Speciale looks delicious - I didn't see that flavor last time I visited but it's been many months. So hopefully they still have that flavor.


Cathy - you are correct. The windows used to be open. Part of the reason for sealing it was safety, part for comfort, and part for saving money on keeping the ice surface cool (they've also permanently closed the back entrance doors - now they are just there as emergency exits). I now get what you meant, and yes you were correct.

There already have been a few eateries in the new part that have closed up. The all-potato concept didn't work all that well, shockingly, and the somewhat gourmet burger place closed as well (hardly surprising with Red Robin and Eureka already in the mall).


The Speciale we got had a great flavor, Faye. I'm unsure if it is seasonal, or if whatever is 'special' changes. UTC mall is so 'new' looking and's easy to get in a good walk there.
I'm glad you pointed out my unclearness, Brian-sometimes I feel I am being too wordy and edit down my posts, but in this case, I didn't re-read myself as is my usual habit. The new/non-chain eateries have us curious, but a lot are open late and don't open early. There is another post from UTC coming up though.

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