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Friday, 10 April 2015


J.S. @ Sun Diego Eats

McGregor's actually makes our favorite bacon cheeseburger in SD! We've tried a lot of them around town but their 1/2 lb burgers are always cooked well and you get good amounts of everything - cheese, grilled onions, mushrooms (add on), and I like iceberg lettuce on a burger. Decent prices too, compared to some of the so-so chef-y burgers we've tried.


Looks good Cathy. I've never eaten here, only had drinks. In the same shopping center is Chicago Bros Pizzeria. Have you been there?


Hope you'll eat and do a review at San Diego Brewing. At least, I think of them as near the stadium. Thanks!


The bacon topped burgers here are really good, J.S. I think the prices are pretty fair, especially since McGregor's isn't in the 'dive' category.

Oh jack! I always look (and ask) for items that are listed as or most likely are house made, not frozen or canned and have been delightedly happy here (and the other places in the first link). I've never posted about Chicago Bros...

I did, ken. Then again, that was in 2007...time for a revisit post...prices and selection have changed. It is one of so many choices in the area.

Soo H.

Mmm... I need to try more pub burgers. :-)


Kirk and I haven't done a "Burger Week' in a few years, Soo...but there certainly are great choices available.


I'd like to try that corned beef sandwich one day. I like that the pubs in this area have access to good meat for their burgers with Iowa farms in the vicinity.


This whole part of town is interesting, cc. The 'pre game' businesses have been well established East of the Stadium and will continue on, with or without any teams. The selections of business are quality.

Lynn @ Oh-SoYummy

San Diego Burger Week just ended a week ago and I went crazy and sampled tons for $5 (on the blog). This place was also on the list but I didn't make it out here. Did you have any other good burgers lately?


Hi Lynn- what a great post you have! I couldn't have eaten so many burgers in consecutive meals; I tend to get bored with the same food.

My most favorite burgers (lately) come from three places: JT's Pub and Grille; Wong's Dragon Room and Elsa's Kitchen

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