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Sunday, 19 April 2015



Long time reader of your blog, love what you do!


nice that they pulled through in most of their dishes!


Hi Ji - Thanks so much for reading and also for taking the time to comment! We appreciate it.

Hi Kat - Yes, I like it when things turn out like this.

Soo H

The 2nd visit wings look awesome! Keep us updated!

J.S. @ Sun Diego Eats

Ha love the concept of the 'Man Salad' sometimes when I order a salad I just want a handful of fries or some toasty bread to kind of balance out the healthiness of the I'll take french fries as croutons any day.


I'm glad you got to experience a good version of the wings! I've been wondering how they are now.


I will Soo!

I did enjoy the fries in the salad JS.

Hi Kirbie - Our second visit was much better than the first. So hopefully things will keep improving


woo, those wings don't look alike at all. last time we went, the first version didn't taste good. gotta go back.
agreed about the rib tips, too saucy.

have you gone to the BBQ place at the old Sherman Shack location in Sherman Heights? it's quite good.


Would that be SQUE? Someone mentioned the place to me....though I'm not a big fan of long and slow over mesquite which is I was told they use. I'll put it on my list though.


yes, it's SQUE, though, the sign is Sonny's BBQ.
i enjoy it even if it's not as great as Coop's West Texas.


OK Didi - I'll add them to my list. THanks!

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