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Wednesday, 08 April 2015


Soo H

I'm looking forward to going to Oahu to try some saimin. I don't wanna get any semen though!


I have such fond memories of this place as I remember my grandparents taking us here as kids and using the public bus for transportation. I recently revisited and thought the small bites and lunch special was ok. So I would have been the second Asian you'd see there if we visited the same time :)


Semen? SO FUNNY!

I've never even been to or heard of his place I am probably not missing much.


I go for their happy hour sometimes. Dig the okonomiyaki and fried chicken wings. The curry udon is good too.


semen...oh my!


I hope not Soo! Make sure you pronounce that the right way! ;o)

Hi Faye - We all have places like Ichiro's.... I'm thinking there are more Japanese perhaps in the evenings?

Hi CC - It was really funny!

Hi Junichi - I haven't been to Ichiro's during the evening in years. I went a couple of times when Yasu from Katzra was working on certain days, but was just underwhelmed. Perhaps it's time for me to try again.....

Double oh my Kat!

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