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Sunday, 08 March 2015



Supernatural Sandwiches is now doing soups, too. I had a scallop/bacon chowder on Thursday that was excellent.


Best Donuts changed again?!! I like the fancy (not handwritten) sign...sandwiches (and donuts) there are so good. I'll be near there and Sandwich Emporium in the next couple of weeks...and see my lunch choices already.


Sorry to hear about the TMJ - that's no fun. I had a bout of that a little more than a year ago and I couldn't really enjoy my food because of it. Am looking forward to trying Supernatural during my upcoming break. I remember when they used to be at the now defunct Public Market.


I just saw the Sandwich Emporium sign when I was shopping at Target! I'm sure it's been there awhile, but I guess I didn't notice it till now. I look forward to trying their sandwiches (the Clairemont location is out of the way for me).


gosh! glad you are doing better, take care!


Great to know Brian. Thanks for the heads-up!

Hi Cathy - It seems they move things around or have some new sign everytime I visit.

Hi CC - They are doing some major business now.....

Hi Sandy - They are a nice neighborhood sanwich shop....

Thanks Kat!


Best donuts? Where's the donuts? I was just in SoCal. Went to Donut Man and Cream Pan. Love them.


Hey Kyle - You know....I don't have much of a sweet tooth. Though I've bought donuts for the office form here. Maybe next time! Sounds like you had a delicious time in SoCal!

the office goat

Speaking of SS's soups, we had Super's thai shrimp pozole to-go a week or so ago and it was delicious.
In fact it was so good the kids insisted on finishing theirs even though we'd just ran out of milk (the soup had a decent heat level).


LOL TOG......that pozole must have been good!

Ed (from Yuma)

Too bad about the TMJ. if I got it, everybody'd wonder if it was all the eating or all the talking I do, but so far I have been spared that plague (bad dentition, on the other hand - or in the other mouth).

Glad you are back on sandwiches.


Hi Ed - It was very painful, definitely bad nerve pain. I've had it before, but not for years, and never for 4 months.


I had to look up TMJ, especially after you said arthritis had set in your jaw! A travesty to strike such an enthusiastic eater. All of those sandwiches look excellent, although many of them look like you have to dislocate your jaw in order to bite through them!


It's quite painful FH....luckily it's over...for now.

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