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Monday, 02 March 2015


J.S. @ Sun Diego Eats

Ha those emails seem odd...and I'd like to think that San Diegans want to eat something a tad more appetizing than such a forlorn looking hot dog. I mean you can always do review posts on Costco hotdogs but I think 95% of people already know what it tastes like.


Sounds like you're being trolled by someone who couldn't even properly dress his costco hotdog. But be assured, the rest of us appreciate your take on San Diego cuisine.


yikes! as to what that person thinks people in SD eat...


Hi JS - I was strangely surprised that the emails included photos.....of Cosstco pizza and hot dogs! And Rubio's....

Hi Jason - That was strangely funny and not funny at the same time.....says a lot about what some folks eat.

Totally yikes Kat!


Very funny....(or not?) You are a good man Kirk, which I think most of us know


Hey Jack - Kind of funny....I think. At least he/she was nice enoguh to let me use the photo, right?


Great. You get that comment and I get one that starts out with "I honestly don't think that many of us come to this blog to read about fast food items. Do we really want to hear about this?" when I write my own version of a COMC for Labor Day weekend...we just can't win. But we can keep playing!

Soo H

I'm gonna keep coming here to find drool worthy food to eat in San Diego. I don't mind seeing a Costco or Rubio's review but the blog wouldn't be that interesting if those are the only places the blogger eats at...


No, you can never win Cathy......

Hi Soo - You should see some of the rather odd emails I get. And yet, there are folks who only "trust" chains. Go figure....


Ha. I went to Mien Trung last night for a bowl of Mi Quang. Food was excellent as usual.

Many people are easily freaked out when things are outside of their comfort zone. Just keep doing what you do! Although when the best of SD listed Viejas for Pho I couldn't stop laughing.


Every so often I get some of these rather odd emails Junichi. BTW, if you want Mi Quang made with tumeric noodles, try DaNang....I've had Mi Qunag made that way there.


What's a true San Diegan, anyway? Someone who was born here, or someone who has lived here at least a year? Hard to say, really, but there's more to life than hot dogs and Rubio's! He should have at least taken the photo next to a sunset or something.


Hi Mary - Strange and somewhat of uncomfortable way, huh?

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