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Saturday, 21 March 2015



that sashimi looks great!


Sushi Yaro is my favorite SD sushi place. They've treated me well. And like other great food places I've frequent, I found them because of this blog.


The Sashimi looks awesome!

The Elite member thing sounds disturbing. Can't believe people would do such things, but there are all kinds of bad apples out there no matter where you go... Just terrible behavior.


"Elites" that flaunt it are assholes! Especially at establishments that don't have a policy or practice to provide VIP treatment to special customers.


It hit the spot Kat!

Hi Denver - Thanks so much for reading (and commenting) all these years!

Hi R - There seems to be sense of entitlement with some of these folks.

Hi Alan - I've seen that "behavior" at least a half dozen times. Then there are those who give "discounts" for a good review, and of course, so long the $$$ are rolling in, they'll turn a blind eye - plausible deniability and all that.


Those type of people (Elite yelpers) who expect free or discounted stuff and/or better service are obnoxious and self-serving. It's too bad that some restaurants do cater to that type of behavior and perpetuate it.

On a nicer note, that's great that you have a good relationship with your local sushi chef. You don't even have to think about what to order and he already has something delicious in store for you


That looks like a nice sashimi spread, Sammy has always treated us well despite not going as often as others.

You bring up an interesting perspective about taking freebees as a regular customer. We've been going to places like Catalina OP every week, and Tommy will occasionally stop us as we're leaving and throw a hunk of fish or something into our bag. While we always appreciate that he recognizes us as regular customers, there is a guilt as to whether we should accept his gift.


Hi CC - Knowing Sam for over a decade makes things easy.....

Hi Jason - I try to think in terms of context. At Tasty N Alder, they brought us coffee cake as a thank you for coming strings, they didn't know I had a food blog. On occasion Tommy does the same for me, I kind of take in stride, though I have told him not to do it....he says "it's because I'm a regular and doing this means that if I like it, I'll be buying it." Sam will on occasion serve me something if my wait is long....I don't think he charges me for it, though I really don't know because I mostly don't order....I'll pay for whatever my bill comes out to.


Good point Kirk, it's all about the expectation. If you're a good customer who the proprietors appreciate, they'll voluntarily reciprocate based on that.


Hi Jason - That's a great way of putting it. On both sides...


Oh dear! I'd very much hoped that that "Elite Yelper" thing had gone away. They just have such a rude approach to the customer service people around them. And they can ruin things for the rest of us =(


Hi Lynnea - Unfortunately, this still happens. I've seen it several times over the last few months.

More places should do this:

Though there's the possibility of misuse by the business owners as well.

Ed (from Yuma)

Good to see Sammy doing well. I am far from a regular,but I'm always treated well and served good stuff, even while he's making weirdo rolls for 8 other people. I forced Tina to look at that sashimi pic and drool along with me.


You should probably pay Sam a visit on your next trip "West" Ed!


This looks like the perfect meal this warm day!


It was Jack!

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