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Monday, 16 March 2015



I ate there last week. Had the papaya salad (Lao Style) at heat level 7 and it was pretty spicy. The golden wings were fried nice and crispy. Mee Gatee was enjoyable. I also inquired about Lao sausage and was told they don't have them yet. Will be back to try one of their whole fish dishes.

Lynn @ Oh-So Yummy

I went there within the last month and also got the pad see ew. Wasn't too impressed with their version. We also tried some chicken wings (seems to be a thing with me now) and they were decent but not standout. I believe there was a yelp offer for a free drink if you check in.


I've been less than impressed Junichi, especially because of their association with Sang Dao. I saw folks ordering the whole fried fish looked over fried, so I hope you have better luck.

Hi Lynn - Some of the wok skills seem less than stellar. I'm hoping for other stand out Lao style dishes.


Hope they can work out the kinks or they may not be around for long.


That's so true Kat!


Oh no they didnt! Gringo Nham Tok?!!! Noooo. Did you ask for fresh chili pepper? That Nham tok looks a little different.


I wanted to see how they'd serve it TFD.....and I got gringo'd

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