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Tuesday, 03 March 2015



Nice post! Powells is still fabulous. Next time up there, you might check out Blossoming Lotus, which I think has some of the best vegan cooking on the West Coast.


Hah, that’s funny – I was just in Portland this last weekend, and also hit up Tasty N Alder and also had the radicchio salad, which was insanely good. I don’t even like radicchio.


Yes Ken, Powell's is still fab! Thanks for the rec!

That's too funny were we! And that salad is awesome.


Kirk, it was your first posts on Portland that made us visit back in '09 (and again in '12). Yes, lots of changes! I love Powell's and the many different food pods


Portland is a great town with a great food scene! When we've gone our trips have all been eating-and-drinking binges, heh! This reminds me that I'm overdue for a visit. The only thing they don't have better than Vancouver is the Asian food...that's definitely loads better up here :)


overdue for a visit too! everything looked great:)


Hi CC - I believe there are like 700 food carts in PDX now! Amazing!

Hi TFG - I'm thinking we'll be doing Vancouver - Seattle - PDX in one "swoop" next time.

I think you'll love it here Kat!


Thanks for sharing Kirk. This Fall I have a niece and nephew going to Oregon and Oregon St, respectively, so looking forward to spending some time up there.


I'm sure you'll have a great time in Portland Jack!

Ed (from Yuma)

Nice post. Powell's Ahh Powell's. I never have had time, money, and cart space to go to all the sections of the store on one trip. I always stagger to the check out overloaded, just wishing I had got to the cookbooks, or biology books, or . . .

Good news for me these days is that Powell's does mail order (and never a sales tax!!). While they don't sell kitchenware and foodstuffs like Amazon, book lovers should check them out! (sorry for the plug).


Sounds like a beautiful city full of good eats. Now where is all the food pictures? 😉 Stop holding out...


Hi Ed - I'm sure you could one of those folks who look like they never leave the place!

Coming up Billy!


We went a couple of years ago and loved the food - though the highlight for me was Public Domain coffee, right down the street from the Westin where we stayed. (Full disclosure - I didn't like Voodoo Donuts at all.)

Can't wait to read more!


Hi James - LOL...Voodoo Donuts is kind of passe' from what I've heard, so I went somewhere else. Wish I knew about Public Domain Coffee though....since we weren't really impressed by Stumptown nor Barista.


Kirk look me up if you head up to Vancouver :)


We sure will TFG!


Wish there were all those food carts when I was going to school. Voodoo is overated. Will have to try Blue Star Donuts when I'm in PDX again.


Hey Kyle - Blue Star is coming up. I recall seeing the number of '700' with regards to food carts in PDX

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