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Friday, 06 March 2015



Hah, again, similar experience – our last entree at Tasty N Alder came out like 5 or 10 minutes later than they felt it should have, so we got comped for that entree. Amazing service there. Left a fatty tip and a nice note.


that sign makes me giggle...


Yea! The hungfarlow sign. The first time Anita and I saw that, we just laughed our asses off. It's like the punch line to a bunch of old jokes from when I was a kid. Thanks for reminding me.


Nice breakfast! a donuts appetizer seems like the perfect way to start a morning breakfast.


We loved the service too Sage.

I always smile when I see it Kat!

Hi Ken - Yep, really brings out the immature jokes....I always laugh because you can't really help it!

Good point Jason....breakfast appetizer....need to remember that one.


Your PDX posts make me want to go back and try all the places that popped up since our last visit. I like the Hung Far Low sign. There is another Hung Far Low in the SE quadrant but their sign is plain, not fabulous like the one in Chinatown. :)


It's time for another visit CC!


Those artisan donuts look so good! That Hung Far Low sign is so it. I have never been to Portland but hope to visit.


I think you'll like Portland Ange. It's kind of funky, but people are quite nice. And that sign always makes me laugh.

Ed (from Yuma)

My dad had a matchbook from Hung Far Low when I was growing up. Oregon legend/tradition, I guess.


I guess Ed......quite funny.


House of Louie was the first place I ever had General Tso's chicken. Tried to talk the waitress into making some harm ha roast pork but no go. She said to stink.


LOL Kyle - Harm Ha Ong Choy....a favorite of mine.


Ahhh, your posts make me miss Portland. Loved the no sales tax and the food there.


Great food Mary. Unpretentious, but quite good. And yep, no sales tax.

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