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Sunday, 15 March 2015



Hey Kirk, how about Yakyudori? I really like theirs.


Hi Jinxi - I didn't include them because I just wrote about the Karaage in this post:

FWIW, it's our current favorite.

kat! glad there are more places there that serve good karaage than bad:)


Never been a fan of Karaage but I might have to try it again or because I never found a place that made it good.


That's true Kat!

Hi Billy - I think you need to find a good can be addictive.


Hi Kirk! I've been a longtime reader but have never commented.

This time though your karaage evaluations were completely spot on with mine so I wanted to comment. Wa Okan also makes (made?) a version with the scallion sauce, which is a good alternative when you're sick of the tartar. In my opinion, their buta kakuni is one of their weakest dishes that I never order...

On a side note, on my (infrequent) visits to Tajima I see many orders of karaage so I'm always more than a bit surprised...

I think Rakiraki is completely overhyped in all aspects - the last time I went back was 2-3 years ago. Yamadaya's tsukemen is better I feel, but on my recent visits they have had SERIOUS consistency problems regarding the taste/mouthfeel of their soup.


Haven't been in a while but I enjoy the karaage at Masa.


Hi Daryl - Thanks so much for reading! And also for taking the time out to comment. I think the Tsukemen at RR has gotten better, Yamadaya's version is too salty and thin for my tastes. This might have been amplified having had Tsukemen at Rokurinsha. Thanks again for dropping by!

Hi Junichi - If you're referring to Masa's Fried Chicken. It was great back in the Teriyaki Cowboy/Early Izakaya Masa Days - circa 2006-2007. The place seemed to have jumped the shark a bit. During my last couple of visits, it has no longer been crisp and that distinctive flavor (which I think is from Kim Chi base) has been toned down a lot. Too bad, because that chicken and the chukka kurage were the only two items I really enjoyed there.


I last had Tsukemen at RR about 6 months after they opened, so I guess I will try it again. The parking is a significant hurdle though :(

Heard good things about Rokurinsha - heading over to Tokyo in April/May and hope to try that out!


Absolutely the worst parking lot on Convoy Daryl. Though others are catching up! We ate at the Rokurinsha on Ramen Street in Tokyo Station. I liked it; it was a bit much for the Missus.


Hi Kirk, Thanks for this article! I was going to request a review of karaage. How is it at Taisho? Meant to try it, but we tried many of your other recommendations. Nijiya's cold karaage is one of my guilty pleasures--I usually eat it in the car on the way home.

btw, went to Kazumi in his new location. Amazing sushi. Uni soup seemed like a different recipe, more broth-like, less richness, although still very good. No liquor license yet.


Hi Sang - Right now Taisho is a favorite of ours. We usually go once a week. I think you'll like it. Good to hear Kazumi is doing well.


Kirk, have you tried the Jidori Karaage at Yokohama Koubou? I've had mostly good luck there with the exception of the last visit. Maybe a change of oil was needed?


Hi LL - I've only had the nankotsu, which I thought was the item they did the best. I've never been too impressed with Koubou, but now that Yakyudori seems to be sliding maybe it's time for a revisit! Thanks for commenting.

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