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Monday, 30 March 2015



glad it was decent:)


This is how I felt too. Better than anything else in SD, but not as good as my favorites in LA. There is a photo of the owner with Bourdain on the wall, which is what led me to research his visit to the LA one.


Agree with your post as well as Kirbie's - decent and has a home-cooking taste to the dumplings, but a bit too expensive, I found. I also noticed that they sell frozen dumplings too. $18 for 36, if I could remember correctly. The buns (#1 on the menu) were indeed quite large. Probably the size of my fist.

All prices on menu also included tax.

I also checked out the new Dumpling Inn last weekend. First time going ever (old or new location) - and wanted to see what the hype was able. Interesting that there was still a bit of a wait even after 2:30pm. The food took a while to come out, and the XLB's weren't even hot temperature-wise (they were just a little hotter than warm), and it lacked soup inside. It tasted alright - good enough, but I start to wonder about all the hype it's been getting...


Mt too Kat!

At least we have a place to go to when we can't make it to LA Kirbie.....

Actually R - I call it Dump(ling)Inn. They used to be ok, but jumped the shark years ago.


I guess next time I'm in the mood for dumplings and too lazy to make them, I'll try this place out. They do look pretty good.


Hi Carol - The dumplings here were surprisngly decent. Nothing to rave about, but ok overall.

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