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Sunday, 01 March 2015



Don't put off uni!!!! ;-)
I recommend going to Redondo Beach for the live uni experience. It's just so delicious. That rice machine looks awesome, so does it dispense steaming hot rice?


All of the rice was warm (the nigiri and gunkan maki as well as in the bowl with the scallops), Bill. Live uni sounds fun; The Mister and I will be wanting to go on a road trip soon...avoiding wet weather/traffic now.


I have seen those ads in the LA Times, but never thought of jumping in the car for a road trip there :-) I'm looking forward to trying the Convoy location, but not looking forward to the parking.


If you ever get a chance visit Cafe Hiro for there awesome uni pasta. My sister in-law was not an uni fan until she had the uni pasta and live uni in Redondo Beach. Good luck!

Ed (from Yuma)

Cathy, you should have thrown your body between the mister and that uni. There are few things as good as uni. There are few things as bad as uni.

A lot of the other stuff looks good. Almost every post these gets me thinking "I wish that was here." I gotta get out of Yuma for a weekend!


I've not had uni thinking of trying it live at the Little Italy Mercato. Eventually.

The line at the Irvine Kula location is always out the door and therefore discouraging.

I like how you the Mister operate. Get in the car and drive! Road trips are always fun!


The Mister and I LOL'd at your comment, Sandy! Almost all of our outings are no plans, no reservations, just drive and stop. I'd like for 'our' Kula to be so large and/or uncrowded that I can walk in, grab a plate or two, eat, pay and leave...but that's a dream.
Thanks for the tip, Bill! The first uni I had was with Ed, at Sakura ( ) and it was warm, with spinach. I think that's how it should be.
I know, was a sad way to be introduced to uni. Yes, you need to drive West again; there's so much variety; but you have found the hidden gems in your neighborhood and I am so happy to see those places.
Yes, cc, you need to try it at least once; you have now seen a photo of how uni should not appear before consumption. I think weekends at Kula are a madhouse, so it looks like maybe on your next time off from work... Ha! Yes, we do just get in the car and drive...and go right back home; it's fun being sort of retired.

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