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Tuesday, 24 March 2015



"I just hope it wasn't doing double duty" - Baahhhhhaaaa!!! The colander thing is the funniest things I've seen all week. I sometimes crave pho for breakfast as well. Sometimes it's better than eggs over easy and pancakes. How early does Catalina Offshore open on Sat?


great round-up...freaky bathroom stuffs though


Oh random.


I love pho for breakfast! I thought Lucky opened at 8 though.


I'm imagining someone walking in on Kirk taking urinal photos in the bathroom...


Love the beer-like bubbles inside the urinal, but nothing beats the black stuff on the top surface. Typically I get hungry when reading the blog posts here - today - um not so much :)

Thirsty, maybe...


Shortly before 8 Faye.

That was very strange Kat......

Totally CC.....what a poor choice of ummmm...implements?

I thought so to until I they old us 9am last who knows Jan?

LOL Jason. I guess there's a pattern to this behavior. This post is coming up.

Cowboy Beer R? Sorry to ruin your appetite


I don't want to see what kind of items are in the women's restroom!


You win the award for best comment of the day Sandy! LOL!

the office goat

Maybe an employee had a kidney stone and didn't want to keep carrying the strainer around with them? Idunno. I got nothing.

We live fairly close to Pho Lucky yet have never been. Some day...


TOG - LOL.....waiting to pass a stone???? Best one yet!


At Minh Ky, which is in our hood, they barely ask me and my son what we want to order. They know it's most likely one beef sate noodle and one dry beef sate noodle! Sometimes it is the vegetarian crispy noodle.


The sign of a true regular Jack!

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