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Wednesday, 18 February 2015



now if only the pho people can cook as well as the taco people, all would be good in the world. glad you got your taco fix!

Soo H

Mmm... Good looking tacos. :-)


So true Kat!

Yeah Soo...this was pretty good.


I've been wondering about this place...Gotta check it out soon. Thanks for giving the South Bay some love. :)


I have had birria in a lot of places and also in Ensenada where there is a place with great reviews. I am just not impressed with the stuff in that everywhere I have had it the meat seemed stringy and kind of overcooked and bland tasting. How is the stuff at Fernandez catering, is it dry also and kind of bland? The broth of the birria can be pretty good but the meat just doesn't do it for me. I prefer lamb and give it to me fatty and strong flavored please.


Hi CC - This place is pretty good.

Well Jeff - These places make Birria de Res not Birria de Chivo. I prefer goat (chivo), but that's hard to come by. Fernandez's tacos dipped in the consommé are better than just the meat and in most places the consommé is the best thing on the menu.I only call them as I see/taste them...the consommé was the best thing I had...if it's not your thing take a pass. But you bet I'll keep on checking these places out. My sources for checking out birria here in San Diego are from Guadalajara and have been raised on the stuff. Just like trying to finding great Sichuan food here, there's no excellent birria here, but some of it has been passable, though not even as good as what I had in Ciudad Obregon.


You reminded me that I haven't had tacos in awhile, too. I will have to try this place next time I go to the San Ysidro outlet mall. The building looks like it was a Der Weinerschnitzel.


Do you have a preference b/w corn and flour tortillas when it comes to tacos? I have yet to try any Consomme de Birria - the version here sounds great.


It does look like that Sandy! Check them out when you have a chance and let me know what you think.

Corn tortillas with tacos Faye!


Have you ever tried Birrieria Don Rafa on Broadway in Chula Vista? They have had some decent reviews and they have chivo.


Back in 2009:

I went again and it wasn't quite as good though.


They changed locations into a bigger place just north and on the opposite side of the street just south of H Street.

Did you try the new location yet?


I may try Birrierra Taqueria El Paisano on University west of the 15.

Now you got me going looking for decent birria de chivo!


Here's an updated post Jeff:

A quest is a good adds some adventure to your day. Carpe Diem....


Ok I tried Birrierra Taqueria El Paisano.

Excellent stuff maybe the best birria de chivo I have had in San Diego and Northern Baja!

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