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Tuesday, 03 February 2015



go Missus!...but eew to rancid oil :(


Haha, the Misses sure called your bluff!!


That's freaking hilarious. Wife would have fed it to the dogs. ;-)


LOL Kat!

She sure did Jason.

Our spolied mutts don't get leftovers Billy! Shows you who's really in charge here.

J.S. @ Sun Diego Eats

Haha I do that to pizza toppings too. And to the cookie dough/brownie bits/swirls of things in ice cream. It's not my best trait.

I'm impressed with the Missus commitment to the no bread thing! Its been a while. And especially with a perfectly charred crust like that. Close to us the best properly charred pizzas we find are at URBN and Buona Forchetta. Will have to try out Pizzeria Bruno, the Diavolo sounds quite nice.


Hi JS - I've been to URBN, which was ok....still have Buona Forchetta on my list though. Funny, I've heard more than a few folks that they do this pizza thing as well... ;o)

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