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Monday, 23 February 2015



Yeah, that mall is tough, it's like sink or swim. I was there on the V-day Saturday night and some places like Sakura and Koubou were packed, while others like Shabu World and this new pho place were almost completely empty. Hopefully this place will survive, seems like they do a pretty decent job.


Culantro is definitely rare sighting even I can't find it in SATX everything seem to look decent.


Hi Jason - Yes.....and with Sang Deuan now there as well. I do hope they continue to get better.

Hi Billy - In all the other places in the area, I have to request it....and some don't even have it on hand. I think this place is trying to do a good job; I hope they keep it up.




Actually Kat - This place was pretty good!


I tried to enlarge the Grand Opening special but can't make out if there's an expiration date to the 20% off? I heard about this place and am hopeful to try it soon (something about a rich pho "onion-forward" broth on a cold day is comforting!). It's hard to see the previous place shut down in Convoy especially after only 6 months.


Hi Faye - If I recall, I think it expires today - 02/28, but I could be wrong.

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