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Wednesday, 25 February 2015



Mr Dumpling, we hardly knew ye. In fact, I never actually went after reading your review. Life's too short to waste on substandard dumplings!

We used to go to Pangea Bakery after getting dim sum at China Max. I'm surprised it lasted this long. I always felt that was way too large a space for that business.


The owners at Pangea were always so nice to me and my daughter. Perhaps business started going downhill after the opening of 85C? I read on Eater SD that Pangea may reopen down in Chula Vista or Bonita, which would be great for me since it's down in my 'hood.


Hope something delicious will open in these spaces.


Oh no Mr. Bill! Say it isn't so! I so loved the food at Pangea. Suggestions for another good Vietnames bakery? Thanks for the tip.


That's too bad, I liked Pangea. Like MrZ, we also scamper across Convoy after China Max dimsum to pick up some bread. Never went to Mr Dumpling though, seemed like a really tucked away location for a restaurant.


I'm not totally surprised. The folks working there were nice, but the quality of their pastries was going downhill, and parking was lousy. I'm sure the opening of 85C was also a factor for Pangea's closing. I believe Pangea was a Taiwanese bakery rather than a Vietnamese bakery.

Soo H

I'm gonna miss Pangea but I never got a good feeling about Mr. Dumpling so I never tried them...


Noooooo I loved Pangea!
I still haven't made it over to 85C, I wonder if they have raspberry buns there??


There are raspberry buns at 85C, Jenne. Nothing will compare to the ham and cheese bread from Pangea though. I try to patronize local places and really wish the owners well, hoping they do open up in the South Bay area, though their last Facebook post in December seemed to indicate they were ready to retire.


That's sad to see Pangea leave like this. I JUST drove by them today (went to Friend's House for lunch) and saw a bunch of cars in Pangea's lot so assumed they were busy with business.

And Mr Dumpling. Sigh. I liked their AYCE hot pot option when I tried them years ago. I do applaud all these owners that tried to hang on til the very end.


Hi MrZ - Personally, I think it was the location and parking, then the competition that killed them.

Hi CC - I heard that as well too. So hopefully, you'll see them again soon.

We do too Kat!

Hi Ken - Well......I think 85 degrees is better than Paris Baguette, but you know me and sweets. I'll often buy cakes from Sage or Big Joy.....

Hi Jason - I guess you'll have head up (or down) the street now. Mr Dumpling just wasn't very good IMO.

Hi Sandy - Yes, the owners of Pangea are Taiwanese. Never went much because of the parking situation as well.

Hi Soo - I was never a fan of Mr Dumpling.

Hi Jenne - As Cathy says; they have those raspberry bun things at 85 Degrees...though it can be hit and miss. I hear folks grumbling about them being out of the brioche all the time.

Hi Cathy - I hope whatever the decision they make, that all turns out well.

Hi Faye - Mr Dumpling just didn't do it for me....I tried the AYCE Hot can kinda figure with no post what the outcome of that was, right? I was fairly certain that folks were going to be sad to see Pangea close since they were local....

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