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Monday, 09 February 2015



The fish looks delicious. One more place added to our list now that we can mostly go out for lunch only.


The chirashi looks plentiful! In the beef combination, what is that item to the very right of the beef teriyaki? It looks like three green rolls of something I can't quite make out.


We tend to only go out for breakfast and lunch, yy. It's more trying to avoid crowds; different than you and Mr. Q with little K and little M (great photo on FB, btw). You'd really enjoy the food at Kokoro.

Those are pickles (house made, delicate, not too salty or vinegared), Faye! There was a lot of sushi rice under the chirashi, so much that I couldn't finish it all. It was a different rice than was served with the Combination.


Looks delicious.


Oh, that chirashi bowl! I don't eat it that often, but when I do, it's such a treat. I have to be in a seafood mood. This would be a new restaurant for me and Bert to eventually try.


It was great, Bill.
Everything here is on a better, more high quality level, cc. It will be a special lunch for you and Bert.

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