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Friday, 27 February 2015


Lynn @ Oh-So Yummy

I've only been here twice since they opened the new location. My coworker is obsessed with this place though and fills up his membership card quite fast! I'm sure if I'm craving, I'll have someone to go with ha! I'm so over boba. Iceskimo SHAVED SNOW for me! Lychee is pretty good!


How can anyone miss this place. It's so bright! I need to try the shaved ice. I like how they have a small size cup. Sometimes I just want a taste.


Sadly, I haven't been there yet. I'm sure TC would love it here. I like the look of the snow ribbons. My only fear is the crappy parking. Convoy, you know.


I think concentrating on one product (and its variations) is a smart way to do business, Lynn. The simple texture of plain snow is wonderful and the flavors aren't artificial. As The Mrs. once said, "Boba is so '90's"...

Even though it isn't serve yourself, TFD, you can ask for just a small serving since it is sold by the ounce anyhow. I'm don't want too much of anything, but do always want to try a bit of something.

That parking lot is going to get more congested, cc. Not only is Dumpling Inn expanding into half of the former grocery store space, the other half is going to be a bar of sorts PLUS the small chain of Kula Revolving Sushi will be moving in next to Iceskimo...I have a post coming up...

Ed (from Yuma)

Looks good. I can do simple math in my head also, but often little wisps of gray smoke come out of my ears when I'm thinking really hard.


mmmm Brisket Icecream ;)


Thanks for the mental image now seared in my brain, Ed. It is good here.

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