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Sunday, 04 January 2015


Ed (from Yuma)

That is great news. Tina and I were so bummed when Sultan closed because there just isn't anything else like that around.


sounds like a gem! Hope they'll do well:)


Earlier last month, I walked by the sign and I got so excited, wondering if it was them. But I didn't have high hopes since it was in the heart of Gaslamp which seemed like an unusual spot. Then I saw Candice's write-up and have been wanting to visit. So glad to read it's as good as before. I don't like to go eat downtown often, but this would be worth the trip.


Fabulous news! We used to eat at their location in El Cajon before it closed. Do they still sell backlava at the old location?


Wished I had something worth while to be excited about. Looks great.


On Saturday, The Mister and I had breakfast at El Cajon Bistro and parked in front of Sultan Baklava. The downtown menu was up in the window and it looks the glad it's back.


Hi Ed - It is great news. We've really missed them.

I hope so too Kat.

Hi Kirbie - You should check them out.

I was told they still have the old location open for Baklava.

Hopefully you will soon Billy!

The menu looked exactly the same Cathy!


Yay, I'm so glad they're back.I missed them. This gives me a good reason to even be in the Gaslamp.


I missed them too CC. Hope you get a chance to check them out soon.

Sam Wong

Is this the same Sultan Kebab on Jamacha Rd. in
El Cajon? Wife and I were planning to revisit in Feb.


Hi Sam - It sure is. I'm not sure when you last visited them at that location last. They only make/sell baklava at the El Cajon location of Sultan. Saray next door has taken over the restaurant. If you want Kebabs from Sultan, you'll need to go here.


oh wow! i'm so excited to try it =) finally a reason to go downtown :D


I hope you enjoy Sultan Lynnea!


I noticed that I stopped seeing the pictures of the pastries that Sultan's used to put up a while back on FB... is there still a sweets shop in El Cajon? I'm due to visit the area soon and while I like Turkish cuisine - it's good to know where to eat in the Gaslamp - I was really looking forward to some fresh pastry when I got there.


Hi Isfahani - I was told that the El Cajon shop was still open and selling Baklava. Sorry to say, I haven't been there in a while.....

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