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Monday, 12 January 2015



What a fun day for you and your wife!

I'll never look at the Belching Beaver logo the same way again, haha). That being said, Bert and I enjoyed our flights here and also at Flavordome (I'm partial to the flavored stouts). Their decor is cool, Yoda made out of floppy disks, heh. There are so many breweries along 30th now....


nice beer crawl!


Nice adventure tasting some of America's finest brews!


Nice work! You certainly hit a lot of the high points in North Park.


Hi CC - I really can't wait to check out Rip Current.....30th street is indeed a mecca for Craft Beer.

I'll take you there when the both of you visit Kat! ;o)

It was Jason!

And we didn't even cover them all Kan!

Ed (from Yuma)

I'm so old that I remember when all American beer tasted alike (but wines could be very different). Now . . . I am gobsmacked by the beer revolution. Couldn't happen to a nicer beverage.

Great post -- I am salivating over the food as well. What a nice way to spend a mutual day off.


hehe, the Missus has so much energy!


Wow you are a trooper! Just like the monthly drinkabout bus but without the bus. Rip Current is open for business starting this week. No definite hours as the article states just come by between 2 ~ 10.


Great post Kirk...that's my kind of day!


You should try this next time your in town's a great way to an afternoon.

She sure does (huff...huff...huff) Kirbie!

I just heard that as well Junichi. Goes we'll be doing this again soon!

It was fun Jack....BTW, did you go to Seattle?


oh yum! all great places =)


That is a fantastic afternoon. Thinking about it now, I don't know where else in San Diego has that much walkability with tons of beer options. Now if only I can get my husband to do the same thing...


Hi Lynnea - This was fun.....

Well Darlene, beer and food is a great least for me!


Hi Kirk, I had some business to tend to on Oahu so I didn't get to Seattle. I'm hoping to get there next month.


Hope you have a great time Jack!

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