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Wednesday, 21 January 2015



curry, lots of curry


Sounds perfect for the weather you're having Kat!


Being a lab rat, i've been experimenting with cooking sous vide, well, everything! I haven't been disappointed yet.


smoked potatoes? that sounds like the most amazing, delicious thing ever! yum! =)


Hey Jack - The Missus gave me approval to get an immersion cooker...but I didn't think I'd be using it much.

Hi Lynnea - Oh man are those good. Especially cooked a second time...either deep fried, or smashed and seared in duck or bacon fat!


Hi Kirk, I'm using a water bath circulator from work that I fixed and cleaned up. Otherwise, I'm not sure I would have bought one. It has been fun though playing with cooking different meats.



Since I am at a loss in finding any duck at all that is decent in a restaurant can you suggest a place that I can buy a whole duck?


Sounds like a nice project Jack.

Hey Jeff - When I make such dishes at home I get poultry from Mary's

Which Whole Foods and Bristol Farms has. I have the poultry guy order me a fresh whole duck.....which has never been frozen.
So I can make stuff like this:

Not cheap, but that duck is really good. I also have them order me legs for my confit

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