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Tuesday, 27 January 2015



Wow, that looks awesome. The beef tartare looks and sounds very interesting.


Looks like a great place to try, thanks for the recommendation!


I'll definitely check this out! Thanks as always...


sounds like a great place:)


Finally had a chance to finish reading the post. Definitely sounds like a place to venture out a little.


Hi Billy - Thanks for taking the time to read the rather long post. La Miche does reward moving away from the usual and trying something different.

Hi Jason - give them a try and let me know what you think.

Let me know what you think Jack!

It's one of our current favorites Kat!


Regarding the funky cheese. Is it like blue cheese?

Ed (from Yuma)

Great find. tina and I have been talking about a visit to the new Sultan, but this place seems awfully good and interesting also. thanks!!


Hi Billy - It's more like a semi-soft ripened cheese.

Try them out Ed. Still haven't gotten to the kabobs and breads yet.


wow. that's next to Khan's Cave.
thanks, Kirk. gotta to try this. that muhamarah looks tasty.


Hi Didi - Make sure to go for dinner. That's when they have the entire menu. Have fun!

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