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Thursday, 01 January 2015



nice! happy new year!

J.S. @ Sun Diego Eats

Happy New Year!

So interesting how almost every country has their own NYE traditions. In Brazil you eat lentil soup, eat pomegranates (then save 7 seeds in your wallet), hop seven waves on one foot, throw flowers into the sea for the goddess of the sea Iemanja, wear white and the color of the underwear you are wearing at midnight determines what you want out of the new year (yellow = money, pink = love, etc.)

The osechi look quite tasty though, must make it to Nijiya soon!


What a sweet story :) happy new year!!


Happy new year!


Happy new year!


Happy New Year Kat!

You know JS, that sounds like a awesome post. Maybe next year? We once spent NYE with some Filipino was such fun; they opened all the doors and windows to let in good fortune...the kids all jumped a dozen times at mignight so they would grow taller the next year.

It was Lynnea....cute and charming.

Jason and Billy - I hope the both of you had a great New Year!

Soo H.

Happy New Year!


新年おめでとう! I got all the fixings for ozoni and didn't make it yet... You guys went to Japan? What month did you post? I must check out the posts, I have plans myself!


Happy New Year Soo!

Happy New Year to you too FH! We went during October. I'm slowly getting my posts done:


Happy New Year, Kirk! I look forward to another year of posts.


Hi Sandy - I hope you have great year! Thanks for always reading and commenting!

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